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HUD Housing in New Jersey

How many HUD homes are available for sale in New Jersey? Right now, New Jersey currently has 1,000's of HUD listings available.

Who qualifies for HUD housing in New Jersey? How do I apply for a HUD home in New Jersey? How do I buy a HUD house near me? These are all great questions. The good news is that almost all homebuyers are eligible to purchase a HUD home in NJ. The first step: Contact a public housing agency to get the ball rolling. Most homebuyers and real estate investors buy HUD listings at local auctions or online auctions. These buyers sometimes purchase the deal of a lifetime - in some cases homes for less than $60,000. Here's a quick pro tip: If you are a homebuyer, be sure to purchase the HUD home during the "owner-occupant" period of the auction, otherwise, investors are permitted to bid if an owner-occupant doesn't do so during the initial bidding process.